What is the best JUUL alternative for smokers?

JUUL is the most popular and widely used electronic cigarette which most probably works like the normal cigarettes. Normally, the cartridges which are all filled with the liquid containing flavours, nicotine or any other chemicals. When this liquid is heated by and e-cig device, it will be turned into the vapour which can be inhaled. […]

What is The Best Vape Juice? (E-Liquids)

Internet reference tools for vapers include some pages dedicated to reviewing e juice. They make interesting reading. Just a glance shows a vast number of brands, several points vapers consider when choosing a favorite juice, and the array of flavors. Exploring individual juice companies shows the differing priorities of vendors, blenders, and consumers too. Pick […]

The Best 5 E Juice Brands

In order to be fair, this list contains affordable and gourmet liquids, but they are all made in the United States. My top five 5 e juice brands are VaporFi, Halo Purity, NicQuid, Five Pawns, and The Standard. VaporFi This company from Florida shares the same safety credentials as NicQuid and Halo (below), but the […]