What is the best JUUL alternative for smokers?

JUUL is the most popular and widely used electronic cigarette which most probably works like the normal cigarettes. Normally, the cartridges which are all filled with the liquid containing flavours, nicotine or any other chemicals. When this liquid is heated by and e-cig device, it will be turned into the vapour which can be inhaled. JUUL is considered to be the best electronic cigarette on the market. But many people are looking forward to find the best alternative to this leading brand.

juul alternative

Fining the best alternative to JUUL:

If you are tired or bored of using the JUUL vapes but at the same time you wouldn’t like to avoid the extraordinary JUUL ecig experience, you can try another alternative which is similar to JUUL and have the same strengths like its greater accessibility and portability. JUUL e-liquid cartridge or pod is somewhat expensive and non-refillable but it offers intensely very strong vaping experience. This is why it is better looking for the best alternative as mentioned here. Currently with the presence of these best alternatives, the dominance and popularity of the juul brand are reduced. Some of the popular JUUL alternative include,

  • Kandypens Rubi
  • Lost Vape Orion
  • Mi Pod
  • Suorin Edge
  • Vladdin RE
  • Kwit Stick
  • SMOK Infinix
  • Suorin Drop
  • Aspire 2
  • SMOK Mico

Even though JUUL is the best electronic cigarette for your regular usage, its e-liquid is non-refillable and expensive but most of the people like the taste of the tobacco given by it. But you should be very careful in avoiding the fake electronic cigarette products so you should need to try only these suggested alternatives to get the real taste and smoking experience given by this JUUL e-cig.

How effectively use the JUUL alternatives?

All the following suggestions are the cool alternatives just like the JUUL brand for providing the best quality vape and interesting smoking experience.

  • Rubi by Kandypens – It is the excellent alternative to JUUL e-cigarette and it contains refillable oil or e-liquid for your smoking experience. This Rubi e-cig contains 280mAh capacity with the 4 x 0.66 inches within affordable price.
  • Lost Vape Orion DNA Go – This Lost Vape Orion is the best pod system to address the DNA chipset. It actually fires up to 40 watts and as well as comes with 2ml refillable pods along with the 950mAh battery.
  • SMOK Infinix – It is just like the JUUL e-cigarette but contains the refillable cartridge to fill with your most favourite flavour of the e-liquid for all your smoking requirements.
  • Kwit Stick – This particular electronic cigarette brand is both refillable and prefilled. You can refill the 1 ml pods with Kwit nic salt juice or you can use any of your favourite e-liquid option.

The smokers can use any of these brands of the vape starter kits as your e-cigarette in order to get the extraordinary smoking experience with the prefilled and/or refillable pod systems.