the best vape juice brands

The Best 5 E Juice Brands

In order to be fair, this list contains affordable and gourmet liquids, but they are all made in the United States. My top five 5 e juice brands are VaporFi, Halo Purity, NicQuid, Five Pawns, and The Standard.


This company from Florida shares the same safety credentials as NicQuid and Halo (below), but the price is a little lower and VaporFi encourages creativity among customers.

Their Blend Your Own section invites clients to choose up to three flavors and combine them into a complex or simple selection. Some of those blends have become flavors in their own right, enhancing your opportunity to create sophisticated styles out of single flavors and existing combinations.

They have 30,000 possible flavor combinations, so you will never run out of choices.

Top sellers right now are Irish Coffee (with bourbon, espresso, and cream) and Watermelon Mojito. Affordable VaporFi e liquid is sold in a plentiful number of styles.

They have also recently introduced their Artisan Line, which has sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing in mind.

Halo Purity

Halo’s e liquid could fall into either category because of the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each one.

It’s not unusual to see their label next to Space Jam Robo Fuel, Villain Vapors, or CRFT on vendors’ shelves. Their policy is to present more than 20 juices, but not to get excited and create 120. Only rarely does a new one join existing members of the menu.

Most flavors feature a traditional element such as tobacco or menthol, sometimes both. Few of their flavors are dessert-style sweets either, a fact appreciated by mature taste buds.

Their slightly sweet blend of vanilla, caramel, and tobacco is entitled “Tribeca.” Longhorn is a fire-cured mixture reminiscent of cigar flavors like Corojo and Cavendish.


Smokeless Image carries NicQuid. So do several online and street-level vendors conscious of quality and cost.

You will find their brand sitting side-by-side with top-shelf performers, a bit like Halo. Both companies also share something else in common: their juice is created under lab conditions using USP ingredients.

NicQuid makes 4 e juice series: Bliss (dessert), Blast (fruit), Burst (menthol), and Blend (tobacco). A description of Midnight Express likens this flavor to a realistic cigarette tobacco. Biscotti will remind you of an Italian bakery where roasted-almond biscuits are still warm and ready to dip in your coffee.

Five Pawns

Buy this boutique brand if you can find it in stock, but don’t be surprised if the well is dry.

Many of their flavors are gone as soon as they hit shelves and their Californian creators can hardly keep up. That is in spite of the price: about $27.50 for 30 ml.

A description of Castle Long gives readers a taste of the culinary craft that goes into making juices that sound a lot like cocktails at a high-end bar. Kentucky Bourbon is combined with toasted coconut, roasted almond, Madagascar vanilla beans, and caramelized brown sugar.

Note the specificity here: not any bourbon or type of vanilla bean. Choices convey more than a base flavor but the way that ingredient has been treated: caramelized or toasted, for example.

The Standard

Even if these juices turned out to be duds, the bottles are works of popular art.

You will probably like their flavors, though: mixologists pay close attention to detail and only release a handful of blends. They rarely introduce anything new.

The goal is not to load a menu with choice but to present only the very best, all of it original. The unique Frankenvape blends kiwi and marshmallow. Curious Jorge presents a bounty of creamy banana. A 30-ml bottle sells for around $22.