What is the best JUUL alternative for smokers?

JUUL is the most popular and widely used electronic cigarette which most probably works like the normal cigarettes. Normally, the cartridges which are all filled with the liquid containing flavours, nicotine or any other chemicals. When this liquid is heated by and e-cig device, it will be turned into the vapour which can be inhaled. JUUL is considered to be the best electronic cigarette on the market. But many people are looking forward to find the best alternative to this leading brand.

juul alternative

Fining the best alternative to JUUL:

If you are tired or bored of using the JUUL vapes but at the same time you wouldn’t like to avoid the extraordinary JUUL ecig experience, you can try another alternative which is similar to JUUL and have the same strengths like its greater accessibility and portability. JUUL e-liquid cartridge or pod is somewhat expensive and non-refillable but it offers intensely very strong vaping experience. This is why it is better looking for the best alternative as mentioned here. Currently with the presence of these best alternatives, the dominance and popularity of the juul brand are reduced. Some of the popular JUUL alternative include,

  • Kandypens Rubi
  • Lost Vape Orion
  • Mi Pod
  • Suorin Edge
  • Vladdin RE
  • Kwit Stick
  • SMOK Infinix
  • Suorin Drop
  • Aspire 2
  • SMOK Mico

Even though JUUL is the best electronic cigarette for your regular usage, its e-liquid is non-refillable and expensive but most of the people like the taste of the tobacco given by it. But you should be very careful in avoiding the fake electronic cigarette products so you should need to try only these suggested alternatives to get the real taste and smoking experience given by this JUUL e-cig.

How effectively use the JUUL alternatives?

All the following suggestions are the cool alternatives just like the JUUL brand for providing the best quality vape and interesting smoking experience.

  • Rubi by Kandypens – It is the excellent alternative to JUUL e-cigarette and it contains refillable oil or e-liquid for your smoking experience. This Rubi e-cig contains 280mAh capacity with the 4 x 0.66 inches within affordable price.
  • Lost Vape Orion DNA Go – This Lost Vape Orion is the best pod system to address the DNA chipset. It actually fires up to 40 watts and as well as comes with 2ml refillable pods along with the 950mAh battery.
  • SMOK Infinix – It is just like the JUUL e-cigarette but contains the refillable cartridge to fill with your most favourite flavour of the e-liquid for all your smoking requirements.
  • Kwit Stick – This particular electronic cigarette brand is both refillable and prefilled. You can refill the 1 ml pods with Kwit nic salt juice or you can use any of your favourite e-liquid option.

The smokers can use any of these brands of the vape starter kits as your e-cigarette in order to get the extraordinary smoking experience with the prefilled and/or refillable pod systems.

What is The Best Vape Juice? (E-Liquids)

Internet reference tools for vapers include some pages dedicated to reviewing e juice. They make interesting reading. Just a glance shows a vast number of brands, several points vapers consider when choosing a favorite juice, and the array of flavors. Exploring individual juice companies shows the differing priorities of vendors, blenders, and consumers too.

Pick Your Priorities

You might think the most important aspect of any juice profile is flavor. You don’t care if liquids were blended in a back room, basement kitchen, or a lab. As far as you’re concerned, the FDA can take a hike and stop placing hurdles in the way of small companies making great-tasting e liquid.

Then again, a background in pharmacy, chemistry, or food service might leave you with expectations the average person doesn’t think about. You possess an unsettling, stomach churning awareness of what happens when hygiene isn’t taken into proper consideration.

For instance, a lab should be FDA-approved. Sterile work surfaces, a HEPA filtration system, and USP-grade ingredients put your mind at rest.

Environmental awareness and a healthy lifestyle lead you to believe that only organic, natural products are good enough. You vape with juices made with organic and natural flavorings and only vegetable glycerin, not propylene glycol. You won’t vape juice made with any ingredients shipped from overseas: that would increase your carbon footprint.

The price of e liquids might be more important than anything. You would rather buy a huge bottle of e liquid for a discount than purchase freshly-made flavors in 15-ml bottles. To you, the price per/ml makes it worth sacrificing freshness.

Rating E Liquid

You could judge juices in a blind taste test and simply consider their properties. Vaping experts rate liquids according to flavor. They judge complexity, forward flavor and undertones, plus after taste. They look for density and cloud production. Throat hit is also important. Sometimes a low-price option is surprisingly good value in all categories while expensive e liquid fails to perform under blind testing conditions.

Buying Vape Juice from Online Vendors

Several online vendors make juice to order. VaporFi will create flavors according to customer requests without charging any more money for the privilege. Their products are fresh, satisfy the safety-conscious vaper, and are also inexpensive.

Mount Baker Vapor will do the same thing and their juice is even cheaper. Mount Baker Vapor’s website is not as clear about safety standards, but they’ve got a good reputation. You wouldn’t call either of these “gourmet” juice lines, however.

Such praise is reserved for products by the Vapor Chef, Five Pawns, BluePrint, and King’s Crown. Their blends are pre-made and created with culinary intuition which has paid off. For instance, Black Flag Fallen by Five Pawns combines black truffle cream with espresso and Fifth Rank contains a mixture of champagne, cream, vanilla, and almond. BluePrint’s CREAM tastes of cream, peanut butter, and chocolate while Page Six reminds vapers of raspberry green tea.

It isn’t essential for a firm to sell blended flavors. Lots of them just offer basics like fruit, or chocolate; styles of tobacco, menthol, mint, or nuts. Consumers take these and do their own blending or vape the basics straight-up. Many NicQuid juices are simple.

Shop in Person

Small firms can’t market juice online. They only sell directly to vape lounges in their local area. Few people hear about them unless they live in the vicinity and frequent those shops. Several mixologists supplying online distributors are still so small they can only work with one or two vendors over the internet.

Shop by Flavor

A site like AlltheJuices is extremely useful to new vapers. Many products listed here have been rated by customers and given points out of 11. Ratings are based on criteria mentioned above. Points for performance are just one useful element of the site, however; filters provide a short-cut to identifying juices customers might like.

Use their filters to find juice by flavor or brand. For instance, you might have heard of a label, but before buying any you want to see what people are saying about it. There are articles about companies and expert reviews of some juice blending businesses plus general topics regarding to the industry. Choose a central flavor and find out how many possibilities there are. While you thought a search for “apple” would be simple, you will soon discover there are apple vapes featuring tobacco, menthol, and other fruits; apple pie, apple plus cinnamon, and more.

Subscription Surprise

When you have read websites, checked reviews, and considered flavors for a while, the time comes to just pick something. If that still seems like an impossible prospect, here is another way to buy juice: subscribe to a monthly e juice delivery program. Craft Vapory, Zamplebox, and several companies will box up a certain number of bottles each month and ship them. You do not order a specific label: the company chooses for you.

All you have to do is limit their selection process. Let the business know what nicotine value you want. Tell them the types of juice you like or absolutely hate. Create boundaries that are not too tight or too loose and every month your box will contain juice that fits into these parameters. You won’t know what to expect when you open the box: a brand new label you have never heard of or a popular style other vapers have recommended.

Even experienced vapers sometimes shake up their vaping experience and find new all-day-vapes by taking a chance. A number of vapes will wind up in your cupboard indefinitely. You could trade unwanted blends for more appealing ones if your friends are doing the same thing. Subscriptions can be cheaper overall, but their purpose is to get the hesitant customer going. Virtually all of these programs send out gourmet juice made in the United States.

Juice For Big Clouds And Sub Ohm

Sub Ohm vaping is a style which leads to the creation of enormous clouds. Enthusiasts take part in competitions and there are awards for the thickest and largest clouds.

Events are held at vape stores around the country, but you do not have to be competitive with others to enjoy the challenge of building bigger, better clouds and tasting warming, more flavorful vapor for your own sake.

How to Build Thick Clouds

Part of the process of building a vapor trail is to operate equipment designed for the purpose. Run a variable watt mod and select one with the capacity for at least 40W. It should accept atomizer resistance below 0.5 ohms.

The second part of the process is buying e-juice of a satisfactory blend for sub-ohm builds. It will have to contain a lot of vegetable glycerin; perhaps max-VG. Vegetable glycerin is the thicker juice; the one which imparts the most sweetness and creates clouds. PG (propylene glycol) produces throat hit and is thinner. Vapers and mixologists find it is most suited to tobacco flavors emulating the real smoking experience (pipe, cigarette, or cigar).

VG Juice Flavor Profiles

For this reason, your major sub-ohm e liquids are dessert flavors. Custards are popular. So are fruits, candies, and pastries. Sweets in general will lead you to the clouds.

Several vendors produce two lines: one for clouds, the other for regular coils. Some gourmet juice companies focus on high-VG blends in particular, either because they prefer this more natural substance over PG or to support the cloud-chasing community. Once you are sub-ohm vaping, there is very little room for tobacco flavor.

High-VG Vapor Vendors

Kind and Velvet Vapors are both VG-juice producers, but health is their biggest concern, not sub-ohms.

Firebrand creates a dripping juice.

A VG-only series at Johnson Creek has received solid reviews. Charlie Noble e liquids are predominantly VG products.

Vista Select and Driptonix are cloud-chasing e liquids. VaporFi has added an Artisan, high-VG series to their menu.

Cloud Science is another one. You notice that they are usually in glass bottles with dripping caps.

Namber, Str8Six, and Alloy are just a few more.

Don’t restrict yourself to US juices; there are several very good ones from the UK. Expect to pay at least $12 per 15-ml bottle (about 80 cents per ml) unless you order a subscription and receive discounts. Customers don’t know what juices they will receive but can specify their preferred PG/VG ratio.

Customize your E Liquid

Several companies such as Vista Vapors and Mount Baker Vapor allow vapers to select their preferred ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. They can opt to vape mostly PG, a 50/50 blend, or max-VG. This way they focus on what matters to them: balance of throat hit and vapor production, more throat hit, or lots of clouds.Guide To Buying Vape Juice: Finding The Best E-Liquids

The Best 5 E Juice Brands

In order to be fair, this list contains affordable and gourmet liquids, but they are all made in the United States. My top five 5 e juice brands are VaporFi, Halo Purity, NicQuid, Five Pawns, and The Standard.


This company from Florida shares the same safety credentials as NicQuid and Halo (below), but the price is a little lower and VaporFi encourages creativity among customers.

Their Blend Your Own section invites clients to choose up to three flavors and combine them into a complex or simple selection. Some of those blends have become flavors in their own right, enhancing your opportunity to create sophisticated styles out of single flavors and existing combinations.

They have 30,000 possible flavor combinations, so you will never run out of choices.

Top sellers right now are Irish Coffee (with bourbon, espresso, and cream) and Watermelon Mojito. Affordable VaporFi e liquid is sold in a plentiful number of styles.

They have also recently introduced their Artisan Line, which has sub-ohm vaping and cloud chasing in mind.

Halo Purity

Halo’s e liquid could fall into either category because of the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each one.

It’s not unusual to see their label next to Space Jam Robo Fuel, Villain Vapors, or CRFT on vendors’ shelves. Their policy is to present more than 20 juices, but not to get excited and create 120. Only rarely does a new one join existing members of the menu.

Most flavors feature a traditional element such as tobacco or menthol, sometimes both. Few of their flavors are dessert-style sweets either, a fact appreciated by mature taste buds.

Their slightly sweet blend of vanilla, caramel, and tobacco is entitled “Tribeca.” Longhorn is a fire-cured mixture reminiscent of cigar flavors like Corojo and Cavendish.


Smokeless Image carries NicQuid. So do several online and street-level vendors conscious of quality and cost.

You will find their brand sitting side-by-side with top-shelf performers, a bit like Halo. Both companies also share something else in common: their juice is created under lab conditions using USP ingredients.

NicQuid makes 4 e juice series: Bliss (dessert), Blast (fruit), Burst (menthol), and Blend (tobacco). A description of Midnight Express likens this flavor to a realistic cigarette tobacco. Biscotti will remind you of an Italian bakery where roasted-almond biscuits are still warm and ready to dip in your coffee.

Five Pawns

Buy this boutique brand if you can find it in stock, but don’t be surprised if the well is dry.

Many of their flavors are gone as soon as they hit shelves and their Californian creators can hardly keep up. That is in spite of the price: about $27.50 for 30 ml.

A description of Castle Long gives readers a taste of the culinary craft that goes into making juices that sound a lot like cocktails at a high-end bar. Kentucky Bourbon is combined with toasted coconut, roasted almond, Madagascar vanilla beans, and caramelized brown sugar.

Note the specificity here: not any bourbon or type of vanilla bean. Choices convey more than a base flavor but the way that ingredient has been treated: caramelized or toasted, for example.

The Standard

Even if these juices turned out to be duds, the bottles are works of popular art.

You will probably like their flavors, though: mixologists pay close attention to detail and only release a handful of blends. They rarely introduce anything new.

The goal is not to load a menu with choice but to present only the very best, all of it original. The unique Frankenvape blends kiwi and marshmallow. Curious Jorge presents a bounty of creamy banana. A 30-ml bottle sells for around $22.